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Clare Rosenfield

LCSW, MS in Social Work and MA in French.


Clare S. Rosenfield is a poet, author, artist, teacher of meditation along with breathing experiments and tools for self-healing.  Sacred activist for Mother Earth and for indigenous rights, in particular those of the tribes of the Sierra Nevada of Colombia. She has studied several forms of healing and is especially interested in offering people who are doing demanding work to meet the needs of the underserved how they can avoid burn-out and stay calm and energized. 

Clare also trained for three years in a program to play the harp for people at the end of their lives.  She plays the harp when invited to soothe people, to help people fall asleep, and to meditate with music in meditation circles.

A Smith College graduate and former French teacher in Boston, Lagos, Bangkok, and New York, Clare has both an M.A. in French and an M.S in Social Work from Columbia University.  In the nearly fifty years of her own personal spiritual journey, she has immersed herself in the Buddhist, Jain, Hindu, Brahmakumari, Nadayoga, Quaker, and Sufi teachings while maintaining her love for her roots in Judaism through the Hebrew language, music, and prayers. 

Ultimately, Clare believes in cultivating unconditional love, compassion, and the mutual honoring of each life as a unique gift, praying that each be allowed to grow and flourish to the fullest extent possible so as to offer his or her own contribution to the world.

Through her work a President of the Global Healing Foundation ( she invites those interested in healing the planet to join global healing meditative circles where she often plays the harp and guides meditations that are inclusive of the entire globe.  

Her essays and poems have this universal healing message as well and are collected in self-illustrated poetry books and verse narratives. 

The books are as follows:

Dance upon the winds swept cloudless, Roll On Great Earth (which also has a CD of Clare reading these poems), The Call of Mother Earth: How a Being of Light Draws Forth Humanity’s Response, Tall Grasses of Woods Hole & Other Summery Poems, Nameless One of Splendor: Her Sacred Arts of Creation, Ninsun: Wise Mother of Gilgamesh, Your Inmost Tree of Life: An Invitation, and DAY IN SEARCH OF HER NIGHT/KNIGHT--

Clare's newest children's books are as follows: To The Rescue: Little Creatures, How Do I Love Thee, The Sleeping Giantess Wakes Up, The Story of LIliana: A Brave Indigenous Child, The Little Girl Who Wanted to be a Tree, SUN-CHILD, and Seven Meditations for Children.


Clare is also the "Nana who raps instead of naps" and has written at least 25 raps which she loves to read. A number of them are already on her YouTube page.


For information regarding these books or to invite me to do a reading or a self-healing class, please email me at or call 914-705-2230.

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