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Personalized Meditation

Depending on your needs, these meditations help you learn a range of skills to stay present and grounded in the body in order to build your capacity to stand by your own self no matter what. 

Effortless Breathing

Mini-movements to stimulate breathing in order to oxygenate the body and arrive at effortless breathing. 



The art of tracking one's self in an allowing frame of mind, in order to tap into the wisdom and guidance within you. 

Guided Meditations and Inner Journeys

Engaging in a process in which the receptivity of the client allows for access to universal healing energy. 


Inner Journey

Regaining the courage of an explorer to excavate your unique and amazing treasury of healing powers, capacities and talents, in order to contact a new appreciation of who you are. 




"Clare is magnificent. She is such a beautiful being full of passion! Her books bring light to this world. "

Jose Bermudez

"Clare brings light to the heart and simpleness to a process that I previously believed to be complicated. If you are looking for a great place to begin meditation she is amazing"

Natalie Wood

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