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Clare Rosenfield has been extensively published, in both book and article form. A complete listing of books and articles is available down below.

The Call of Mother Earth: How a Being of Light Draws Forth Humanity's Response

On Amazon: Paperback - $3.50

Until now, if we have been learning about the threats to our precious Earthmother, our depleted soil, shrinking rainforest, melting icecaps, polluted waterways, our increasingly warming climate, we have been scaring ourselves and perhaps feeling powerless. Now is the time to inspire ourselves and extol the sacred beauties and capacities of Mother Nature and in so doing, lift ourselves to a vast vision and actions that can heal and replenish Her as well as heal and restore us all. May this verse narrative inspire ecological-minded activism and reverence for all life, and even be turned into song, dance, or drama!


Ten Lives of the Buddha: Siamese Temple Painting and Jataka Tales by Elizabeth Wray (1972-05-03)

On Amazon: Hardcover - $935.25

"The book can be seen at multiple levels, and as such it is essential. Let's look at a few of them.

1- It presents a vast though loose history of Buddhism in India, Sri Lanka and South East Asia. The main dates are given though the whole thing is shown as some natural growth and decline. What is surprising is the movement to the North through Tibet and from there to China and the rest of Asia as Mahayana Buddhism, the Great Vehicle, that named the other older canonical tradition Hanayana, the Lesser Vehicle. This is attributed to a split between strict Buddhism, the Doctrine of the Elders or Theravada Buddhism, and some looser Buddhism that moved North into Continental China. It even reduces this difference to the ruling of the Buddhist monastic order, the Sangha.

That does not explain the particular brand of Tibetan Buddhism and other differences, including the belief in transmigration or reincarnation so dear to the Tibetans."

Review by Dr Jacques Coulardeau on Amazon -Read More

Ninsun: Wise Mother of Gilgamesh

On Amazon: Paperback - $20.50

This dramatic verse is a riveting sequel to the ancient Sumerian epic of Gilgamesh. As king of Uruq, Gilgamesh comes to realize that it was his own hubris which precipitated the death of his best and only friend, Enkidu, whom his wise mother had predicted he would meet. After having lost the elixir of immortality he had journeyed so far to obtain, in Ninsun, he returns to his kingdom, bedraggled and unrecognizable, but in need of his mother. How did she become so wise? At his request, she recounts to him the story of her own daring choices and unusual destiny, one which transforms her son into a new kind of leader, humble, kind and self-reflective, with a deep positive regard and love for his mother. Ninsun's story tells how she faced extreme adversity with divine magnificence, wisdom, and strength, offering a model for us all in our own challenging times.

Books in press in 2022:

The Story of Liliana: A Brave Indigenous Child
The Sleeping Giantess
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